Thursday, September 04, 2008

new 2009 calendars arrived yesterday!!

Gathered Together made by jill bliss and i. our 4th collaborative calendar.
i forgot to smell the box of them. . . i like sticking my nose in freshly printed books.
here's a pic of the photo shoot for the month of december. jill and i usually make all the art elements by hand and then design and collaborate digitally but, this time we experimented with a new 3-d diorama approach. we like to keep it fresh.

thank you cel jarvis for your photo skills!

(fun fact: cel's full name is celee pronounced exactly the same way as mine!!! i've always felt left out when i go to disneyland and can't bring home a keychain or mug with my name on it. . . I always look for it though in between the Sadies and Sallys. so, i felt sort of like a complete person when i met cel.)