Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Test post 3

Let's try pic AND words....
I think this was a piece of gregory's homemade bday cake...the face
was an accidental discovery.
The giraffe below is from the Paul Smith store.
There's a fly the size of a nickel flying around our house right now.
It sounds like a cartoon. Bzzzzz
I dislike watching movies about couples fightings.
I was enjoying being lazy past few days but now I'm sorry that I
wished I could be lazy forever cause now I need crutches to get
around; it's slowing me down and difficult to plan my outfits around.
2009 will be a great year....!

Test post 2

Wow. I am impressed with myself... I joined the future....

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Test post from phone...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

our table from bazaar bizarre in SF and animals

i like posting things out of order and all at once. also, i post things usually way after they happened if you haven't noticed....

thanks for helping sister saewon!

michelle's little critters i've been watching for the past few days... besides living in buenos aires for 2 months earlier this year, i don't think i've slept in one place for more than a month (usually closer to a week) for this whole year. i've slept in many beds, many hotels, many weird hours of the day and night...

i want to petsit for these guys...

where did this year go???


Gathered Together Show ended...

thank you to everyone that came out! big hugs and banana slugs.

So, artwork is available to view and purchase online... be sure to click on 'more info' for well... more info...
clicking on the image just makes the picture bigger... no how to purchase information.



photos from opening night here

Monday, December 22, 2008

quick update...

so i finally joined facebook! not sure how i feel about it yet. but, here's my half assed profile.