Friday, August 28, 2009

moss graffiti

i was in SF a few weeks ago and i saw this while driving around. i think i was in the mission. i'd love to know who made it. my friend lana sent me these links earlier and it was a nice surprise to see something an example person. i'll add this onto my long 'projects to do one day' list.

other pics from that weekend:

monterey bay aquarium!

fire on the 5 freeway. i could see bright flames but was driving too fast to get a good shot.


my 63 year old aunt just started drawing at her house with her friend. i think it's pretty good!


mexico. sun. water. sand. a beautiful place with great people and the best popsicles i ever had IN MY LIFE.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

koreans love me

here's an article that was in some magazine insert of a korean newspaper. this came out a few weeks ago? i didn't know about it until my mom's friend found it. i didn't read it because it would take me a whole day to sound out each letter so, it could be a scathing review for all i know... my mom tells me that it's not though. anyways... thank you koreans. i hope to visit you next summer and teach during the day and stay up and party and eat dukbokki all night.

love how i never blog and then i post 5 posts in one day? that's what happens when i take ADD meds one day and magic maca powder that the inca warriors ate for energy the next.

stay turned. i have so many more things to share.


morrison goes in for a biopsy tomorrow... hope he'll be ok. he doesn't look like this handsome young kitty anymore... he looks like he's already half dead and beat up... sometimes life's not fair.

extra big special thanks to michelle

edit: aug. 19th 2009. bye-bye morrison. you were the best cat ever. i'll miss taking naps with you and waking up with you snuggling against my face. i'll miss when you fall asleep on your back with your arms to one side and your legs to the other like you're doing the hula. you were the best. i wish some things never had to end.

sneak peak from 2010 calendar

So, Jill Bliss and I just completed our 5th collaborative annual calendar. Yay. It's waiting to go to the printers. I'll post layouts of the actual pages soon. This is a behind the scenes look at how the cover image was created. Pretty simple, hand made, d.i.y. Can't believe we're on our 5th one already... Each year we try out something a little different with the process. This year's 'Flock and Flutter' art is all shot in real life nature settings with our paper artwork characters. it's amaaaazing!!!

thank you art supporters and collectors

i love surprises, don't you. one day i was feeling extra grateful and sent one of my collectors a drawing in the mail. i don't think i've ever met him.

i want to do some more mail projects. i heard US post offices are closing. for some reason that makes me sad.

happy birthday harry kim

harry kim, you are forever young. i had to post this only cause your face in the 1st photo is hilarious.

actually, i'm a lazy blogger and this was weeks ago so i guess by now you're kinda old.