Tuesday, November 17, 2009

work in progress

large cut outs. about 40" x 60". all one sheet of paper. made with an exacto blade. these are all in progress...i finished the last one but don't have images of it finished yet.

i learned that i'm not a great blogger

but, i already knew that. i recently went to see my friend gregory han of apartment therapy give a panel talk about blogging. it was hosted by blog out loud. I was just down the street eating thai food when I got the facebook update that he'd be talking one block over at DWR so it was totally meant to be. I got to test out my dream office chair for a couple hours to make sure that I like it (i do. i rolled around the whole store in it like it's my wheelchair) and listened to bloggers talk about blogging. it made me miss school. I learned that I do most things wrong. I don't open up my posts to comments, I don't blog regularly, and I blog late. like for example, this event was about 2 weeks ago and my last post of hawaii was a month ago and i'm behind on blogging photos of italy from 2 months ago. that's ancient history in blog world. oh well. it was inspiring and fun and for now i'm gonna keep doing things my own retarded way.

other news lately....

house/cat sitting again for the month. this place has a koi pond and lots of gorgeous wood and large glass windows with views of a tree in the courtyard. it's peaceful, i'm getting lots of work done and there's a house cleaner. i think these past 2 years i've slept in close to 100 different beds.

juxtapoz charity auction. http://www.juxtapoz.com/auction/
you can still bid for a few more days here:

anyways, that's it.