Monday, July 20, 2009

clayton brothers art show

i stopped by the opening really quickly on Sat. night... so amazing. the Clayton Brothers were teachers of mine and a huge influence and inspiration over the years. they're good guys. extremely dedicated and hardworking and full of heart but they also have a laid back vibe that's calming to be around. i've loved watching their work evolve over the years. go see their show if you can...

Clayton Brothers - Jumbo Fruit
Patrick Painter Gallery
Bergamont Station- 2525 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90404
July 18 - Aug. 29th

Monday, July 06, 2009

movies i wanna see!

Herb and Dorothy

this movie looks soooo cute. sometimes i get jaded and forget about the excitement of collecting art. this couple did it right.

Dear and Yonder

girl's surf movie!!! lori d. has some illustrations in it... so perfect for summer. i can't wait to get into the ocean. i haven't been surfing all year.

Handmade Nation

documentary about crafters and designers. a lot of my friends and buds are in this... there's also a book that's already out with the same title... should be inspiring i hope.

Paper Heart

who wouldn't love a michael cera love story? looks adorable in that sappy, dorky sort of way...

all these movies are either screening now or coming out very soon. most have small distribution so please check them out if you can. i hope my schedule will let me see them all too! :)

edit: herb and dorothy is great. couldn't see dear and yonder 'cause friend forgot her i.d. and there was an rsvp list that wasn't mentioned on the website. paper heart is good too! so is ponyo!! but i like pretty much anything with an ocean theme.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

pics from NY

image from Sloan Fine Art +2 opening. me on top. jordin isip on left. saejean oh on right.

some people at opening.

pirates on bikes?

best new park in new york city. built on an abandoned train station and rail line. the high line.

artist installation. gorgeous. this photo is washed out. in real life they're all different shades of jeweled greens/browns taken from single pixels from a bunch of photos of the hudson river over a period of time.

another view. you can see the train tracks with plants growing around them.

one of my favorite parts. you can peek out onto the traffic below. it's like watching a marine show at an aquarium.

installation at MOMA by Song Dong and his grieving mother. i loved it. an OCD's paradise.

henry darger. one of my absolute faves. i saw more of his pieces at the Folk Art Museum next door the other day. i never get tired of seeing his work.

jockum nordstrom. one of my other faves. also from the MOMA.

andrea zittel.

jim hodges. colored pencil on paper.

original film work for 60s/70s? designer Vera's patterns. this was at Anthropolgie by Rockefeller Center.

Vera's fabric and scarves.

collaborative guerilla knitting installation on 9th street by karen eubel and others. click here for more info.

those are just the edited highlights....
there's been short bursts of hard rain about once a day.
new york is over whelming... my mom, my man and my sister were all in town too. at the end of my 2 week trip, i'll have moved my suitcase around to sleeping at 7 different spots.

some art