Thursday, October 30, 2008

in the studio

giclee prints arrived!
looks crappy in this photo but looks great up close because you can see all the detail and texture of the dioramas that jill bliss and i made for our 2009 calendar. these will be part of an upcoming art show at tinlark, nov. 15th. everything else in the show will be new pieces that weren't a part of our calendar but expands on the theme of 'gathered together.'
should be greeeat!

my mom is so nice. she brought me a flower while i was working... she says it won't last long so to enjoy it fully. wise words that can apply to anything.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the loneliest gallery in the world & the beauty road trip

click here to learn about the loneliest gallery in the world.
this is a project by my pals stephanie hutin and flo zavala. i love the name of the project.
i decided to make a short list of other lonely things:

- puppies without mothers
- long distance lovers
- florescent lighting
- cold weather

here's another project i like by my old studio mates, martha rich and esther pearl watson. the beauty road trip.

Friday, October 17, 2008


haarlem is the town next to amsterdam and i took a little mini trip there to meet up with marlies, a book designer that i've worked with on several occasions. she showed me the proof of the last project i worked on with her. it might all get revised but i liked the version that i saw.

and... that's it for now. i'm back in california. 10 posts in 1 day. phew.

japanese book in amsterdam - what does this say?

i skipped a lot of the middle part and i don't even know if i have this order correct but this is an amazing book. more detailed than a where's waldo book and simply about a girl cleaning her her room. it's sequential and about 30 pages i think. i love obsessive details.

amsterdam, netherlands oct. 12th - 14th

amsterdam!! i think i'm partly biased because amsterdam was warmer than denmark, but i love this city. it's my second time visiting and i want to live on a houseboat or squat here...

fave parts of trip: riding bikes and getting lost, walking tour with our hosts joordi and anne, swans and yellow leaves in the canals, seeing the clash of new artist/designer studios juxtaposed in between prostitutes in the red light district, chocolate boutique, tons of bookshops everywhere, best thai food ever at thai bird, blurriness and giggles, pumpkin head men and panda boats... conclusion: i never wanted to leave but, it's probably a good thing that i did. p.s. on the plane ride back to the u.s. a man tried to choke another passenger and had to be restrained. then when we landed, we all had to wait a little bit longer for the police to come. weird.

hitler in europe

image 1: from a window of an antique shop; image 2: from the denmark national museum; image 3: kitty in apartment across from ours in amsterdam

denmark is also home of legos!

freetown christiania in denmark

i don't have any photos of the interesting parts because they asked that no pics be taken but, I'd heard about Christiania and have always been curious about it. It'll prob. be shut down in the future so I was glad to have been able to visit in a sort of accidental way and have lunch there. more info here and here.

copenhagen, denmark oct. 7th - 12th

i don't know what sort of supplement they mean...

we had smørrebrød, which is an open faced sandwich at Ida Davidson's. One of the best sandwiches i've had, i'm gonna get this half wrong prob., buti cant there was salty salami, creamy horseradish and cream cheese, a confetti of radishes and chives and a sweet berry sauce. so good.

post-it notes!


someone's bike that drowned in the water. i wonder what happened.

i forget the name of this dessert. it's something like 'ball bread' or 'roll cake' or something, but it's a ball made out of day old croissants and other desserts all mashed together. caroline wanted to try it and the people behind the counter highly recommended it as a traditional danish thing. i don't know if i'm losing my sweet tooth or if i'm grossed out by the idea of a ball of leftovers, but it wasn't very good.

fresh mint tea served from a bike with home grown herbs and hot water from a thermos.

overall impressions of copenhagen: clean, cloudy, bit chilly, very content, easy to get around. a bit reserved but extremely nice and polite people. positive and satisfied but not complacent. tall. very tall. blonde. way better social and government programs than the U.S. felt weird not to leave a 20% tip at restaurants and bars. home of hans christian anderson.

other fave highlights: homemade fluffy cheesecake with limoncello at our hosts's house, sweater hugs, fresh apples from an apple tree and no love for mccain and bush. conclusion: caroline and i wouldn't mind at all if we found danish husbands.