Wednesday, November 12, 2008

so sleepy

miracles happen. i've been stuck on euro time and have been going bed at a normal time like a normal human and not a vampire. jill bliss has been staying with me and we've been busy working on our show... this is the first time in our 4 years of collaborating that i've been on the same sleep schedule as her.

i'm too lazy to clean right now and too lazy to take a better photo so here's a pic in reverse for dyslexic people because it was taken with 'photo booth.'

it's nice having someone in the studio out here in the 'burbs.
we're going to try to finish work early so that i can take jill to see my psychic lady while she's in town. i'm not ready yet to get a reading for myself again 'cause the last one she gave me started to creep me out... but, i'd like to drop by to say hello and to tell her that she was right. maybe psychics don't hear about follow ups often enough.

other things i learned today:
- horoscopes are TRUE. why?!!!! how??!!! it makes no sense.
- a guy i went to high school with is the world's 6th best poker player. crazy.
- our dog has an eating disorder. over the weekend i pet-sat for another dog with a different sort of eating disorder. i wish i could help them.
- some people are mean and i want to hit them in the face with a rock... through the phone.