Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i don't know how a lot of things work....

so i'm not a complete idiot... someone made me take an IQ test recently and i've been sort of reassured that i'm not an idiot but sometimes i feel like forrest gump.

how does the internet work?
how does fed ex know how to get my mail sent cross country so fast and reliably?
how does UPS fuck up so badly that i want to kill them?
why do violins sound sad?

i've been set up with someone I've never met before to collaborate on an upcoming show at Giant Robot in San Francisco. Artists and game makers will be working together to make games that people can play!

specific details are still under wraps but today I was excited to see this converted to this:

original painting

8-bit artwork by Anna Anthropy. cute!

Here's a game that she just created.

I don't know how she did it or how any games are made... but I like it.

more info about show. save the date.
Game Over II
opens: Friday, March 27th
622 Shrader St.
(415) 876.4773