Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new spring time shirts!

spring time has been here!
get your caterpillar shirt i made for the occasion...

go to upper playground's site for the apricot shirt and here for the v-neck light aqua shirt.

signs of spring i've witnessed recently:
-hummingbird nest outside our window. we saw the eggs and then the 2 little naked babies and now i see a hummingbird in the backyard regularly that i like to assume was from the nest.
-had to brake fast to avoid hitting a mama duck and her baby ducklings crossing the freeway onramp. they were sooo cute. it was like a cartoon moment.
-my tan lines are back.
-all i want to do is spring clean. i got rid of a bunch of stuff and i'm trying to get rid of more. go here to take my stuff.