Thursday, October 01, 2009

yay. bazaar bizarre, art and my fish

Jenny from CutxPaste and I just found out that we got selected to show at Bazaar Bizarre in SF on Dec. 12th - 13th. Time to get crafty!... I'm looking forward to making all the fun, little stuff that i've been wanting to for a while...I always like setting up shop like a lemonade stand. last year, i was distracted because of something and couldn't enjoy anything. this year will be fun. Hope to see you there...

Meanwhile, here's a sneak peak on what i've been working on these past few's the opposite of little, but still fun for me, despite the blister i got.

I know. not the greatest photo... but it's coming along.... it's about 40 inches by 45 inches. one piece of paper. cut with an exacto blade. i've been really into the shapes of roots lately and plant life. half of my library books are about plants. the other half? tao te ching, books on hawaii, handwriting analysis, carl jung and i just finished bel canto. bringing the topic back to roots though, is there anything cooler than the mandrake? not really. and did you know that wild bananas have lots of seeds? yellow store bananas that are the cartoon food for cartoon gorillas are seedless because of humans. i wish i had a banana right now. Mmm.

here's jeffrey the fish. i was heartbroken and anti-pets after morrison passed away... but, my mom bought jeffrey from the store and i stole him. he's smart. he recognizes me i think. or at least he knows that when my big, blobby shape comes to him, he'll get food and he wiggles his body around and looks at me. he didn't know that at first. he was disoriented from the journey. poor guy. one of my horoscopes once said that i confuse pity and love. i think it's sadly true. anyways, jeffrey the fish crunches his food loudly. it's cute. i have to get him a nicer bowl and some more plants. oh jeffrey. my love for you is bigger than your tiny eyes and your tiny brains and tiny scales. i wish i knew you when you were a baby. and I wish I could know when you're full and i hope i'm not making you fat. maybe i could teach you english or measure your poop.

i also wish snakes could be vegetarian.