Thursday, December 17, 2009

aquarium animation project

eric nakamura and i worked on a stop motion animation project! he already blogged about it here and here so of course my blog is behind, but i wanted to post pics anyways.

it was over 3 long nights of back breaking, foot numbing, laborious work for one minute of lo-fi janky goodness. 6 frames = one second. sometimes it would take us a couple minutes just to shoot one frame. time goes by fast unless you're trying to make bits of paper move and come to life. we'll post the final animation later. eric has super hero powers and is good at noticing details and doing things meticulously and not settling for laziness so he was a good partner. it was fun.

here's eric's cousin, goh nakamura, who put the icing on the cake. somehow he whips up a custom soundtrack to our animation in practically no time and now the animation has a mood, a feeling and some heart and life to it. goh is like god.

yum. we ate at gochi. i survived eating beef tongue for the first time. it was really tasty although i did have the thought of french kissing a cow when i first put it in my mouth. the ambiance is cozy and made me nostalgic for japan because they have the rooms with sliding paper covered doors and the seats where it looks like you're sitting low to the ground, but there's a secret empty space sunken into the floor right under the table for you to hang your legs. everyone takes their shoes off before sitting down to eat. if you don't know what i'm talking about, you're probably really confused... i'll just also say that their black sesame ice cream is AMAZING. i'd french kiss that all day, everyday.