Tuesday, July 13, 2010

what? i have a blog???

hi folks! so i think i definitely win the award of the year for world's worst blogger. what has been going on since the beginning of this year and winter's end?!!?? well..... too much it seems. time just whizzes by faster and faster it seems. and that's why i haven't blogged about it.

here's the brief summary just to do the official catch up. i think i'm missing some stuff, but oh well.

books, fresh stART, incognito benefit at Santa Monica Museum of Art, more books, palm springs, patchwork show at Giant Robot, pack, airports, Blik wall decals, upper playground t-shirts, uncommon cell phone cases, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Stanford University, websites, books, los angeles i'm yours show at space 15twenty with poketo and kisune noir, another post it note show at grny, botanical sister project, work, art, doctors, questions, grandpas, disneyland, san diego, new york, drinks and laughs, last stop of scion animation tour collaboration with eric nakamura, drawing, oaxaca, mexico, mendoncino, house on cliff with ocean and seals, wild turkeys and redwoods, healthy food, drawing, reading, prints, fresh new sketchbook, ticket for talking on cell phone while driving, new detox diet, hatching lots of new plans, tired of flying, blah, blah, blah.

ok. that was easy. i should have done that earlier.

anyways... and this is right now.

i'm here at a hotel by myself with asymmetrical beds. i'll get to that later. i'm excited to finally upload some pics from a recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico and to share them with you. let me sort through 694 photos with tired eyes with dried contacts and get back to you in the next post...

thanks for reading, reader.