Tuesday, September 09, 2008

animals in the house

so, i wrote earlier how olive, the family pug, left to go stay with my sister.
update: she had to come back because saejean found out that she lives with some bloods (gangsters). they're buddies with the manager which means that they're not leaving and olive, who likes to sport a blue bandana with cherries, had to be booted out.

my other sister, age 16, has been secretly hoarding a hamster in her room. meet hamlet graham. i helped her get him since my mom disapproved. the first hamster she considered adopting had BIG BALLS.

this one has a pair that isn't as noticeable. we're hoping that they don't grow huge later. seriously, the first one's balls were about the size of it's head and they dragged all up and down my sister's arm while she held him. the pet shop lady recommended him as her favorite though because he was the friendliest. correlation? we will never know. hamsters don't know english. otherwise this one, small balls, would understand our shouts after it poops all over us.