Thursday, September 04, 2008

blogging sure is fun

i can't stop. . .
here's olive, the family pug.

she's cute but i don't miss her. she's been staying with my sister in pasadena.

highlights of today:
- boxing boot camp class. i'm training to kill.
- french lesson with my french tutor currently living in south korea. we talk via skype. i love modern technology. now if only someone can invent a language chip that i can just insert into my brain instantly. . . it'd be so much faster.
- my littlest sis and i painted our nails together and hatched up secret plans.
- got this in my email inbox! ! ! wow. i'm a professional now! ha. it looks fake to me and reminds me of other illusions (see pic below). seriously and sincerely though, giant robot has been supporting me pretty much since day 1, and i owe them a lot. they're like family. i'm like the retarded little sister and as my big bros, GR has been nurturing and supportive and i feel both totally comfortable yet still always feel like im learning and am reminded to remember to always keep it fun.

(a few of the Ohs on a farm several years ago)