Friday, October 17, 2008

amsterdam, netherlands oct. 12th - 14th

amsterdam!! i think i'm partly biased because amsterdam was warmer than denmark, but i love this city. it's my second time visiting and i want to live on a houseboat or squat here...

fave parts of trip: riding bikes and getting lost, walking tour with our hosts joordi and anne, swans and yellow leaves in the canals, seeing the clash of new artist/designer studios juxtaposed in between prostitutes in the red light district, chocolate boutique, tons of bookshops everywhere, best thai food ever at thai bird, blurriness and giggles, pumpkin head men and panda boats... conclusion: i never wanted to leave but, it's probably a good thing that i did. p.s. on the plane ride back to the u.s. a man tried to choke another passenger and had to be restrained. then when we landed, we all had to wait a little bit longer for the police to come. weird.