Friday, October 17, 2008

copenhagen, denmark oct. 7th - 12th

i don't know what sort of supplement they mean...

we had smørrebrød, which is an open faced sandwich at Ida Davidson's. One of the best sandwiches i've had, i'm gonna get this half wrong prob., buti cant there was salty salami, creamy horseradish and cream cheese, a confetti of radishes and chives and a sweet berry sauce. so good.

post-it notes!


someone's bike that drowned in the water. i wonder what happened.

i forget the name of this dessert. it's something like 'ball bread' or 'roll cake' or something, but it's a ball made out of day old croissants and other desserts all mashed together. caroline wanted to try it and the people behind the counter highly recommended it as a traditional danish thing. i don't know if i'm losing my sweet tooth or if i'm grossed out by the idea of a ball of leftovers, but it wasn't very good.

fresh mint tea served from a bike with home grown herbs and hot water from a thermos.

overall impressions of copenhagen: clean, cloudy, bit chilly, very content, easy to get around. a bit reserved but extremely nice and polite people. positive and satisfied but not complacent. tall. very tall. blonde. way better social and government programs than the U.S. felt weird not to leave a 20% tip at restaurants and bars. home of hans christian anderson.

other fave highlights: homemade fluffy cheesecake with limoncello at our hosts's house, sweater hugs, fresh apples from an apple tree and no love for mccain and bush. conclusion: caroline and i wouldn't mind at all if we found danish husbands.