Monday, July 06, 2009

movies i wanna see!

Herb and Dorothy

this movie looks soooo cute. sometimes i get jaded and forget about the excitement of collecting art. this couple did it right.

Dear and Yonder

girl's surf movie!!! lori d. has some illustrations in it... so perfect for summer. i can't wait to get into the ocean. i haven't been surfing all year.

Handmade Nation

documentary about crafters and designers. a lot of my friends and buds are in this... there's also a book that's already out with the same title... should be inspiring i hope.

Paper Heart

who wouldn't love a michael cera love story? looks adorable in that sappy, dorky sort of way...

all these movies are either screening now or coming out very soon. most have small distribution so please check them out if you can. i hope my schedule will let me see them all too! :)

edit: herb and dorothy is great. couldn't see dear and yonder 'cause friend forgot her i.d. and there was an rsvp list that wasn't mentioned on the website. paper heart is good too! so is ponyo!! but i like pretty much anything with an ocean theme.